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  • Learn how Qigong DestressRelax™ & MorningFlow™
    will help reduce stress, improve flexibility and strength.

  • Energize your body every morning and
    begin each day in the best possible way.

My name is Joakim Lloyd Raboff and I am a Personal Qigong Coach. I coach two unique Qigong programs called DestressRelax™ and MorningFlow™. Both are grounded in the reality that as we grow older, we need to exercise more efficiently and minimize the risk of accidental injury. I coach a straight forward Qigong that is entirely focused on benefiting your health. No hyperbole. No new age fluff. Just Qigong.

Both of my programs can be personalized to your specific physical needs, abilities and goals – regardless of your age and body type. Each program is extraordinarily effective and very easy to learn.

Once you begin practicing Qigong regularly, you will experience a substantial reduction of stiffness and aches, improved flexibility, strength and calmness. And since you don’t need special equipment, clothes or prior knowledge to begin using Qigong, you can practice almost anywhere, any time of day and for however long as you want.

The gentle, low-impact nature of Qigong makes it particularly suitable for people recovering from an injury, an illness, chronic ailments or physical disabilities.


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Here’s My Story

After almost two decades of working professionally as an editorial and commercial photographer, filmmaker and visual artist, always on the move, lugging around heavy equipment and rarely allowing enough time for rest and healing, my body started giving up. As stiffness and pain became increasingly debilitating, I began to worry. What was going on? Would I be able to continue to work, let alone surf, ski or jog anymore?

After undergoing several medical tests, including x-rays and bloodwork, I was finally diagnosed with an unusual form of arthritis – one that could potentially be life-threatening. It was suggested thaat I immediately  begin taking a drug called Methotrexate, a chemotherapeutic treatment often used for patients with leukemia and other forms of cancer. I hesitated and told the doctor I’d rather try to find alterative treatments.

After many hours of research, I soon learned that there were plenty of purported alternatives that could, if not entirely cure, then at least reduce and even reverse arthritic symptoms. Many were homeopathic and offered very little evidence of being as effective as stated.

One of the most radical, yet captivating remedies, involved a fairly serious lifestyle change. It claimed that by eating healthier (mostly plant based food), stressing less and introducing an abundance of low-impact, exercise into my life, I could in fact substantially reduce stiffness, increase flexibility and regain my strength. I was intrigued.

I had already been practicing yoga for a few years and became increasingly curious about Qigong, an ancient form of exercise primarily focused on combining slow, yet often strenous poses, fluid movements and controlled breathing to achieve an energizing yet calm state of mind.

It only took a single Qigong session for me to notice significant improvements in my mobility and how the various poses and flows I was learning reduced the chronic aches in my ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, arms and fingers. Yes, I was hooked!

After being educated in Qigong by teachers in Sweden, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam, I decided it was time to transition to a new phase in life. While I will always be a visual artist, I now focus on helping others experience and enjoy the benefits of what Qigong has given me back.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my story or how practicing Qigong can help you.

  • Flexibility. Calmness. Health.

In just a short time, you too can learn how to use Qigong
to regain and maintain a healthier, more balanced life.

From personal experience, I know that long periods of stress and sleep deprivation will eventually contribute to an unbalanced life. And it’s well-documented that living with chronic stress will invariably elevate the stress hormone cortisol, which causes high blood pressure, diminished energy levels, depression and even burnout.

I coach what is often referred to as “Moving” Qigong which involves a thoughtfully designed sequence of active poses and flows that oxygenate your entire body, thereby reducing stress levels and help to calm the mind. Even though relatively little physical excursion is involved when practicing Qigong, the results are both tangibly profound and suprisingly long-lasting.

My Qigong coaching sessions will give you a singular opportunity to learn and then practice several basic Qigong movements, poses and flows – at a thorough yet accelerated rate – so that you can begin practicing independently and both maintain and increase health benefits.

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  • Here’s My Unique Qigong Programs:

    DestressRelax™ MorningFlow™

The MorningFlow™ program is focused on helping your morning mind and body get smoothly up to speed – without being too physically distruptive – so that you can manage the day’s challenges fluidly and without aches, stiffness and stress. In addition to making use of MorningFlow™ as an exercise routine in the early morning or at the start of your day, it can certainly be practiced during all hours. Day and night. Just like with DestressRelax™, MorningFlow™ can also be practiced indoors and outdoors as it demands very little space.

Time: 20-45 minute

DestressRelax™ helps reduce stress levels by simultaneously invigorating your body with a sesries of slow movements synchronized with controlled breathing. DestressRelax™ will allow you to calm and quiet your entire being and can be practiced separately or together with other forms of Qigong anytime of day. Many appreciate DestressRelax™ after work or directly after a lengthy meeting. Others practice it just before going to bed.

Time: 20-45 minutes

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  • New to Qigong? Here’s what you need to know.

Qigong, pronounced “chee gong,” literally means
“working with energy”and orignates from ancient China.

Like many other practices where the body itself is used to achieve exercise, including Yoga and Tai Chi, Qigong has influences from multiple sources. In essence, Qigong consists of a wide range of slow, interconnected, low-impact and organic movements, flows and poses that provide you with a form of exercise that can relieve you from stiffness, reduce both pain and stress as well as improve focus and inrease calmness.

At it’s very core, Qigong is about exercising the body and simultaneously calming the mind. By stimulating a flow of energy throughout your body with a series of slow, gentle yet precisly choreographed movements and controlled breathing, the mind will be allowed to relax from stressful thoughts and worries. After each session, with the body and mind both calm and relaxed, you will feel how a wonderful physical and emotional balance sets in. A balance that can accompany you throughout the day and even provide you with a more enjoyable sleep.

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